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Card Sorting

Card sorting is an important yet often overlooked simple technique for the creation of an information architecture (the structure of a web site). Each card represents a page of the site and users are asked to sort the cards into groups. A typical card sorting exercise has tens of cards (usually between 20 and 60). While this technique can also be conducted using online tools, the advantage of the physical sort is the ability to extract more insights about the resulting categories. As variation of this technique – called the Reverse Sort – can also be used for the validation of an existing information architecture.

We will recruit users with the requested skills and behavioral patterns and perform the sort. Our experts will analyze the results and provide you with the resulting information architecture.


  • A site structure based on how real users understand your information.
  • Way to validate and discover issues with an existing site structure.


  • The site structure and the names of categories.
  • Additional insights such as misleading or ambiguous page names.

How long does it take?

Typically 2–3 weeks. We recommend 15 participants for the best price/performance ratio.

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