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Eyetracking is a method of observing the behaviour through the analysis of gaze patterns – where and how long people look. Its power lies in combination with the think-aloud protocol of classic Usability Testing as eyetracking alone can only tell you what people look at, but not why.

The eyetracker is a portable device. The test can be carried out in our dedicated user testing laboratory or at a place of your choice. Our experts will analyze the results and provide you with improvement suggestions.

This method is excellent for measuring final visual design deliverables. We recommend User Testing for designs in earlier stages and situations where discovering usability issues is a priority.


Eyetracking will tell you

  • what part of your design draws attention and what they avoid (e.g. advertisement banners)
  • how people see the page and how they move through


  • Heat map of each page tested with annotations
  • Interpretation of the results by our experts

How long does it take?

You will get the results 2–3 weeks from the time you place your order.

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