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2011 Survey of Czech internet users' knowledge and behavior

Interested in Czech internet users? Are you curious about their behavior, knowledge and preferences? Then you know how hard it is to find more about it.

We do user research on a day to day basis, so we thought we could ask users themselves about these things. We got 2964 responses and here are the results…

We found out…

Web typeface size – 14 px is the best

It has been found that the text type size users rated as the most comfortable to read was 14 pixels (using the Arial typeface). It was selected by nearly 92% of users. Users aged 45+ also felt comfortable with a text type size of 17 pixels.

Figure 1: Arial typeface, 14 px, text reading ability

Opening a link in a new window is a problem

Most users do not like links opening in new windows; they are able to use the function anyway. More than 80% of users are able to open a link in a new window; more than 75% of users mind links automatically opening in new windows.

Figure 2: Opening a link in a new window, representation by opinion

CAPTCHA copying is a problem

Over 60% of respondents claim they have experienced problems when copying CAPTCHA.

Figure 3: Opinions on copying CAPTCHA symbols

Users prefer embedded maps

More than 70% of respondents prefer an embedded map to a link to a map portal for showing the location of an address.

Figure 4: Address presentation methods

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