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Mobile experience

We design and do user testing of digital products for use with mobile devices.

Product Design

For many users, digital mobile products are something new. This ‘newness’ is related not just to how the device works but also how to make use of its capabilities in everyday life. As a result of this newness, both efficiency of design and user friendliness are very important – users need to like to use the product and, as a result, business objectives will be met.

We design

  • Mobile Device Websites and Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications for Android, iPhone and Windows 8 Operating Systems

How do we develop our designs?

  • We create an overall concept, which meets the objectives of the users and the client.
  • We create an interactive digital prototype, including interactions (control gestures).
  • We always adhere to the design principles and recommendations for the individual platforms – i.e. guidelines.

As part of the design process, it is worthwhile testing different options with potential users.

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Usability Testing

It is of paramount importance to test mobile phone applications with potential users. Testing can always be of benefit, but it is most important to do soat the beginning of a project – when the application is still at a concept or prototype stage.


  • You will learn about potential obstacles – i.e. things that make it harder for the user to interact with your mobile website or application.
  • You will learn how people are perceiving or taking in the information you are giving them.
  • You will learn what people expect from your product and why.
  • You will learn how regular users use their mobile devices.


Based on your particular needs, results can be presented in any or all of the following ways:

  • A report – this can include a listing of findings (sorted by importance or relevance) with screenshots and comments from user test subjects.
  • Direct viewing – with the option of simultaneous translations in our comfortable viewing room.
  • Audio and video recordings from the testing.

How do we test for user-friendliness?

  • We do all our testing in our professional laboratory.
  • We will provide you with test subject who meet the requirements of your target group.
  • For the testing of mobile devices, we use special equipment designed to perform such tests.

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Expert Evaluations

When it is not possible to carry out usability testing (e.g. due to a lack of time or funding), having us provide an expert evaluation is another way touncover usability shortcomings. The objectives of an expert evaluation are same as those for any other type of usability evaluation – to find out where theconnection with the user is weak or isn’t happening when they are using your product / application and to make use of this information to improve thedevelopment process.

Note: the evaluation of experts can never fully replace the benefits to be gained from testing the reactions of real users, which is accomplished Usability Testing.

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